Milking Systems Energy Efficiency Calculator

To start calculating your energy savings, you’ll need to have your Energy Efficiency Checklist handy.

If you haven’t filled out a checklist yet, start by printing out the Energy Efficiency Checklist.pdf. Once you’ve filled in all the relevant details from your dairy shed, pop back to this site and enter the details into the calculator.

Completed your checklist already? Then you’re ready to transfer your details into the calculator. We’ve entered some default numbers to guide you, so all you need to do is replace these with your own accurate information and the calculator will do the rest for you.

Don’t forget to save! When you’re finished, click ‘save information’ and you’ll be able to review your information at any time.

Farm and Electricity Account Inputs

Handy hint. When it comes to entering your farm and electricity account inputs you might find it helpful to look at our sample bill, which highlights the information you need to look for.

Number of cows being milked
Milking days per year
Day/Night metering
If yes for day/night, percentage of night use %
Do you have a specific Hot Water/Control meter
Anytime/General tariff cents/kWh
Day tariff cents/kWh
Night tariff cents/kWh
Hot Water/Control tariff cents/kWh
Prompt payment discount applicable
Milking Systems Inputs
Time taken for morning milk
Time taken for evening milk
Number of vacuum pumps
Vacuum pump motor size
Variable Speed Drive currently installed
Financial Analysis Inputs
Required rate of return (post tax, nominal)* %
Marginal tax rate %
Select electricity price change year 2 (your estimate) %
Select electricity price change year 3 (your estimate) %
Select electricity price change year 4 (your estimate) %
Select electricity price change year 5 -10 (your estimate) %