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Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Vacuum Pump

The best technology to reduce the operating costs of your milking system is a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to control the vacuum pump.

Vacuum pumps remove more air than is necessary for milking and wash down. They run continuously during milking and cleaning, independent of the amount of air used. The installation of a VSD allows for changes in the vacuum pump speed to meet demand.

In addition to the energy savings, there are other potential benefits of using a VSD, including:

The attached supplier brochure (brochure 1) is a good starting point to help you decide if a VSD would work for your farm. It’s worth noting that products have significant differences with respect to Radio Frequency Interference filters, wash and safety programmes and ability to interact with other shed equipments. You can also check out the product functionality and performance at and

Energy savings using the Smart Air™ VSD supplied by Waikato Milking Systems Ltd and Varivac™ supplied by Corkill Systems are shown in the Genesis Energy case studies. These are energy savings only and other benefits should be taken into account when evaluating the products.

VSDs installation costs range from $8,000 to $15,000 depending on size and number of vacuum pumps. To determine if your farm is suitable for a VSD Vacuum Pump and to estimate the energy savings using a Smart Air™ or Varivac™ VSD, just complete the milking system section of our Dairy Efficiency Calculator.